Our staffs are experts in supporting clients at the end of life with dignity and respect. Blue Water Homecare is owned by a Registered Nurse (RN) with 15 years spent at all levels of the hospice segment of healthcare. This hands-on geriatric experience is invaluable when managing a loved one’s End of Life Care. Communication and coordination with doctors, hospices, hospitals, and families is paramount. This service can not be matched at other agencies.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Blue Water Homecare during this difficult family time:
• RN on Call 24/7 & Available for After-Hours Admission
• Hospice & Palliative Care RN direct and manage care
• Blue Water Homecare employs seasoned Hospice RNs
• RN will design care plan coordinated with client, family, hospice and home health
• End of Life Caregivers go through extensive, specialized training
• Every member of the Blue Water Professional Care Team is knowledgeable about the stages of terminal decline and familiar with End of Life protocols for symptom management.

Comfort, safety & dignity drive every aspect OF our compassionate End of Life Care Program. When changes occur, your family will benefit from caregivers that are specially trained to detect and identify subtle changes that may not be obvious to an untrained eye. We are committed to client advocacy and will support your loved one and family through every step of the End of Life process. We know when it is time to contact your hospice or palliative home health provider and take initiative when it matters most.

Below are some of the primary activities from typical Blue Water Homecare End of Life Care Plan:

• Meet Personal Care Needs
• Provide baths, massage, oral hygiene, shampoos, shaving & general grooming, nail care
• Laundry & frequent linen change
• Assist with dressing & undressing
• Help with toileting or incontinent care
• Offer and Assist with Bedpans & Urinals
• Care and cleaning of indwelling urinary catheters
• Planning & Preparing Nutritious Meals
• Shopping For food
• Assistance with feeding
• Offering preferred foods and fluids often
• Documentation of intake and output
• Respect client preferences and requests
• Skin Care
• Providing proper care and observation of clients skin
• Position to prevent skin breakdown over the bony prominence
• Maintenance of Safe Environment
• Use equipment safely and correctly
• Recognize and remedy environmental hazards

• Diligently ensure fall risk prevention measures
• Housekeeping
• Keep living areas clean and orderly
• Assistance with laundry, kitchen clean-up, bathroom clean-up
• Physical Assistance
• Turning and repositioning bed-bound clients
• Assistance with safe transferring from bed-to-chair or chair-to-bed
• Assistance with safe ambulation
• Range of motion exercises as directed by Hospice or Palliative Home Health RN or PT
• Take and Record Vital Signs
• Report Significant Changes to RN
• Provide Companionship, Emotional & Spiritual Care
• Respect client and family environment
• Engage in conversation & diversion activities as requested by client/ family
• Support a comfortable, calm emotional environment for the client
• Assist Client & Family with Self-Administration of Medications
• Medication Reminders
• Advocacy for as-needed medications, based on symptom observation
• Request refills, pick up medications From the pharmacy, and other tasks as requested by client/family

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