At Blue Water Homecare, we are experts in caring for individuals with memory-related issues. Care at home matches our expertise perfectly as research has repeatedly shown that patients that are able to stay in their typical routine and within familiar surroundings respond more positively to care. The staff at Blue Water Homecare has decades of experience caring for memory patients, teaches classes to Families with memory care needs, and serves on the local Alzheimer’s Organization’s board of directors. Alzheimer’s and Dementia care training is at the core of who we are at Blue Water and it is woven into the fabric of all our training programs. The care that our staff gives reflects the extensive focus we place on memory care.

Below are a few of the services Blue Water Homecare provides that are particularly helpful for individuals with memory care diagnoses:

• Companionship
• Music Therapy
• Exercise
• Socialization
• Escort to Appointments 

• Outings
• Rehabilitation Compliance
• Medication Reminders
• Sitter Services
• Other Customizable Needs

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