The Caregiver Crisis Has Landed


A 2019 Forbes Magazine article outlined the caregiver crisis. Writer Robert Mauterstock reported that “more than two-thirds (68 percent) of Americans believe they will be able to rely on their loved ones to meet their long term care needs when they require help.” Unfortunately, this belief is mostly unrealistic in today’s busy culture. Families are having children later in life. Often, each adult a household is an income earner, leaving less time to care for aging parents. Many are electing to hire an in-home care provider to help their parents “age in place.”

According to an AARP study, in 2010 there were 7 potential caregivers for every person over 80. However, by 2030, the ration will decline sharply to 4 to 1, then by 2050, 3 to 1. The rapid growth of the senior population paired with low unemployment rates is a recipe for family turmoil.

Homecare agencies are located throughout our country. However, they are not all the same. Agencies that will survive and thrive will be the organizations that focus on staff education and training, offer competitive pay based on experience and certifications, provide exceptional service, and keep employees engaged.

Caregivers must be treated as professionals for these agencies to survive. Employers must have clinical ladders, career advancement opportunities, and be flexible without sacrificing quality. The quality of care will be directly related to the quality of caregiving professionals, as well as an agency’s ability to keep them committed. Blue Water Homecare has developed a clinical ladder for all of our employees. Advancing through levels I-V is based on clinical competencies, attending advanced training, and manager evaluations. Our ultimate goal is to provide professional career advancement opportunities for those that achieve Level V Caregiver. Since the initiation of this program, our turnover rates have dropped dramatically and the average tenure of caregivers has tripled.

If you and your family are interested in going to Blue Water Homecare with your homecare needs, reach out to us here!

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